Using PoliteMail to Tackle Open Enrollment

It’s that time of year again… Open Enrollment!

We know this is a busy time of year for HR professionals, open enrollment means a lot of double work and chasing down employees who haven’t made their elections yet. Sifting through endless lists can be very time consuming and challenging!

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. PoliteMail has the tools necessary to make this time of year a breeze! Let’s take a look:

Individual Tracking

You’ll want to use this setting when sending out any mailings where you would like to drill down and see the recipient’s names. This tracking mode provides the most detailed metrics. To enable individual tracking, click the PoliteMail flag within your Message tab and select Individual Tracking from the drop down menu:

individual tracking

Smart Attachments

PoliteMail’s Smart Attachments feature allows for you to track when documents (Word files, PDF’s, etc.) inserted within your message are opened. Of course, you’ll also be able to track any URL’s you insert within your message. Combine these features with Individual Tracking and you’ll be able to see which individuals have clicked your link and opened your document. You’ll want to use this feature to include any additional information you may want employees to see about Open Enrollment. Smart Attachments can be inserted into a message by clicking the button below and choosing the document you would like to insert:

smart attachments

PoliteMail Surveys & Polls

Before Open Enrollment starts you may want to gauge interest in new or supplemental health plans. Using the PoliteMail Surveys & Polls tool you can ask your audience questions to determine employee’s level of interest:

surveys and polls

Using PoliteMail Distribution Lists

It’s no secret that distribution lists make everyone’s lives easier, saving you time and frustration. Using individual tracking you’ll be able to tell exactly who has or hasn’t opened your message AND who has or hasn’t clicked the enrollment link within your email. There’s no more guess work involved.

didn't click

With just a few clicks you’ll now be able to follow up with those individuals who haven’t clicked/ opened a link or Smart Attachment. By clicking the “didn’t click” number you’ll be able to create a new list for follow ups. Just select the “Add to” drop down and “Create New List”. Name the list something you’ll remember such as “Open Enrollment Follow-Up 10/20” and keep track of when you’re sending follow-ups to employees.

new list

Now those employees who have clicked won’t feel like they’re being hounded by HR even though they have already made their elections, and those who haven’t will appreciate your follow-up!

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