Self-Service Private Tenant Solutions for Independent Teams, Departments, Divisions, Brands and Subsidiaries

Unite all your divisions and benefit from PoliteMail’s robust internal communication metrics.

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Enable other groups in your organization to operate their own PoliteMail accounts, leveraging the same security approved and M365 integrated corporate account.

Groups and teams will manage their own PoliteMail users, templates and reporting data, without involving the communications teams.

Corporate communications teams are busy and have limited resources, but there is a definite benefit to enabling smaller groups to measure and improve their email messaging to their own audiences. PoliteMail has a solution in our Self-Service Private Tenant Subscription Plan.

With the Plan, those other groups and teams who broadcast to their own audiences can operate independently, adding and removing their own users, sharing their own templates, and publishing their own reports – all within the same security approved M365 integrated corporate account.

Each group will have their own PoliteMail Administrator User(s) who will control licensing and user administration. With some simple SSO configuration on the backend for these Admins, all email content creation, templates, lists, metric results, and analytics reports will be stored separately for each group, keeping the corporate account clean and well organized.

If you’re an existing customer, talk with us to see how your existing PoliteMail infrastructure can support these independent groups and teams.

If you are considering PoliteMail as your email solution, please schedule a demo to see how PoliteMail can service all your departmental needs.

Merger and Acquisition United Communications Solutions

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Enable internal communications to reach across multiple M365 tenants and connect separate organizational email domains

Communications, to both parties, is critical during the early stages of an acquisition, but joining separate email systems can take many months. Because PoliteMail integrates with M365, we are able to join multiple M365 tenants over the top, so right from day one communications teams can join the distribution lists of both organizations and reach all employees with internal communications (and without email being flagged as external). 

PoliteMail solves this over-the-top, by connecting our centralized internal email broadcast application integrated with multiple M365 tenants. We can pull distribution lists together into a unified list, complete with appropriate targeted segmentation, and then any authorized PoliteMail user will be able to send one message and reach personnel in different organizational email domains.

Now address all the important M&A issues to large audiences on both sides, without having to jump through hoops. PoliteMail has solutions whether you have separate M365 tenants, or you acquire another company and want to keep those mailing lists separate.

Talk with us to see how PoliteMail can be configured to integrate and connect multiple M365 tenants.

“Using PoliteMail, we have data that supports what we do, illustrates our impact and guides us in making decisions to expand our reach.”

Allison T, Director of Communications

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