Four Ways to Improve Employee Communication

Improving Communications is Easier Than You Think

Your employee communication is essential to connecting with employees. With the increased use of technology in the fast-paced world we live in, getting people’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult. A recent article on the CIO website spoke to a number of marketing and communications experts for their thoughts on the best ways to get employees to notice, read and respond to internal company messages.

Social Collaboration Platforms

Implementing a social collaboration solution is one of the best ways to improve internal communications in a workplace, it allows staff to work together all on one network. Employees are able to share news, work and information, and allows for decision making and problem solving, regardless of where employees are located. Each company will benefit from different software, so keep in mind what your primary uses will be. Regardless, your staff will have a better way to communicate more effectively.

Online Forums

Create an online space where staff can easily share information and speak to each other, using enterprise social networks. Employees will be able to share documents, start conversations, collaborate on projects, regardless of their location. Some platforms allow employees to showcase special skills and expertise on their profiles, so others may request feedback or advise.

Maximize Email Subject Lines

Email should be one of the main sources of communications in a workplace, meaning that staff can receive dozens of emails each day. So, if somebody’s immediate attention is required, make sure you are using action words- such as act or urgent, in the subject line. This allows receivers to identify which messages should take priority and needs to be dealt with first.
To maximize your internal email communications even further, consider using a email measurement tool. These tools allow you to track open rates, click through rates, read time, email campaigns and much more.

Direct Contact

With more people working from remote locations, physical location is one of the biggest obstacles to collaboration. There are many solutions to help combat the issue, including video chat and conferencing. Both are both cheap and effective solutions to bring your staff together to discuss projects and ideas. Another form of forgotten communications is though the telephone- having a real conversation can be more productive and may be easier than communicating through email.

For more information check out the article, here.

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