Introducing PoliteMail Version 4.5

Our Best Version Yet!

We are excited to announce the release of our V4.5 software! We have added many new features to give users an improved and exciting experience.

Geographic Mapping enables users to see where opens and clicks are coming from with a user friendly map view.

Filtering, Sorting, and Exporting allow you to do more with you data! New gird views allow users to view key metrics and enable filtering, sorting and exporting of all data and calculated fields.

Key Metrics over Time and Read Time Charting can help you go beyond the numbers with more visual options for a more intuitive analysis. Great for presentations!

More Mobile Responsive Designs help create more modern and flexible email layouts that read well on desktops and mobile devices.

Want to see what else PoliteMail has to offer? Check out for more information or email to schedule a demo today!

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