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PoliteMail for Outlook Internal Communications Email Broadcast and Measurement Tools

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PoliteMail Software provides tools to help corporations measure and improve their Outlook email broadcasts to employees. By adding email analytics, responsive design, and list management tools into Outlook, PoliteMail helps communications teams increase employee email engagement.

27% of Americas Largest Organizations Trust PoliteMail

Why Leave Outlook to Measure Your Email Broadcasts?

Now measure your internal Outlook email communications, and improve results! Simply send, track and measure any of your Outlook email broadcasts. Send from any of your Outlook addresses, and to any of your global address book lists.

  • See results right inside Outlook.
  • No websites to login to or passwords to remember.
  • No rude read-receipts required, no flooding of your inbox with open notifications.

Create More Impressive Email.

As more employees and more executives read email on mobile devices, why shouldn’t your communications be responsive?

  • Create and edit HTML pages right in the email editor you already know how to use, Microsoft Outlook!
  • No Dreamweaver or other HTML coding required.
  • PoliteMail templates enable your email broadcasts to read well on mobile devices.

Why is it Such an Effort to get Accurate, Targeted Lists?

Broadcast personalized email to any Outlook or Exchange distribution group, or import & send to lists from HR or Excel, or automatically synchronize up-to-date employed data with your HR systems such as Workday, PeopleSoft, SAP or ADP.

  • Simply send to any Outlook or Exchange distribution group available in your Global Address book.
  • No import/export process required.
  • To address employees by name, use the PoliteMail Personalization feature instead of always sending a blind broadcast to all.

Satisfy IT Security & Compliance.

Today, more than ever, data and systems security matters.

  • Adequate security of systems and data assets is a fundamental management responsibility.
  • With some of the world’s largest technology companies as PoliteMail customers, our data security is designed to meet their strict standards. With multiple service models available, you can achieve the level of security desired for your organization.

Syncronym, The Synonym for Distribution List Automation

Is Your List Management a Circus Act?

Maintaining employee distribution lists is challenging for most large organizations. It might be weeks before HR updates reach the Active Directory, or vice-versa, but in the meantime communicators and executives need to send email messages which reach everyone.

  • Syncronym automatically synchronizes your employee data to keep your distribution lists up-to-date!
  • Syncronym will vastly improve send processing speeds for large or heavily nested Exchange DL’s.

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You provide the message content, we provide you with a finished, responsive email page you send right from Outlook!

  • Save valuable time by putting an end to coding complications
  • Make a brand impression across all devices

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