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Video Resources for Internal Communicators

View Videos About PoliteMail, It’s Products, Features and Customer Testimonials

Watch our videos to help understand how PoliteMail can help your organization improve internal communications and quantify success.

PoliteMail for Outlook

Learn how PoliteMail Integrates powerful internal email analytics into Microsoft Outlook.

What’s the Simplest HTML Email Tool?

Learn how to create responsive email code right inside Outlook with PoliteMail Software.

What’s the Most Powerful Email Analytics Tool?

Learn how to gain invaluable insights into what emails your employees are reacting receiving.

What’s the Best Email Broadcast Tool?

All the essential email marketing features, right inside your Outlook! PoliteMail is the nice way to send & track email to groups and lists.

Satisfy Data Security and Compliance

PoliteMail offers on-premise licensing or dedicated cloud services options for enterprise class data security.

Michael DesRochers Interview

PoliteMail Software Managing Director Michael DesRochers talks with Mark Ragan of Ragan Communications about the importance of Internal Comms measurement and how it can help the overall success of organizations.

Customer Testimonial Citrix

Customer “Citrix” describes how PoliteMail Software has helped them measure internal communications data.

Customer Testimonial Applied Materials

Customer “Applied Materials” describes how PoliteMail Software has helped them measure internal communications data.

Improving Employee Engagement with Office 365

PoliteMail Managing Director Michael DesRochers presents at Employee Communications, PR &
Social Media Summit at Microsoft.

Improve Internal Email Results Communication Insights from 200 million internal email messages

2017 Benchmark Data – PoliteMail Mabaging Partner, Michael DesRochers explains insights gained via data analysis of 200 Million internal emails.

Take a Tour of PoliteMail’s Schedule by Time Zone Feature

PoliteMails’ Scheduled Send by Time Zone option uses the recipient’s Outlook working hours and auto-schedules the broadcasts by time zone.

The Request Support Feature in PoliteMail

This video describes what happens when you use the Request Support Feature in PoliteMail. As our valued customer, we take your support issues seriously.