Discover what makes PoliteMail different from other internal email tracking tools

We don’t track email opens,
we measure email engagement.

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Animation showing PoliteMail integrated with Outlook

Integrated with Microsoft 365

Send Outlook email, from authentic addresses to any existing distribution groups.  No new email program to learn, just some new tools inside Outlook.

Make the most of the email tool you already use every day! PoliteMail’s tight Microsoft 365 integration keeps your internal email inside Office, avoiding external flags, spam folders, and security warnings. PoliteMail is sent by Exchange, not by an external mail exchange (MX), so your recipients receive authentic internal Outlook email messages.

Because Internal Email Doesn’t Deserve an External Warning Flag!

Image showing how using PoliteMail ensures all images load by default in Outlook
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Avoids M365 volume limitations

PoliteMail’s M365 configuration bypasses the 500 recipient per message and 10,000 emails per day limitations of Outlook alone, allowing you to get even your largest distributions out without unreasonable limits.

  • No daily limitation of 5,000 recipients
  • No 500 maximum number of recipients
  • No attachment size limit when sending with Smart Attachments

    PoliteMail is Un-Suitened

    We don’t force you into purchasing a suite of communications products.  We specialize in email because it’s the primary corporate communications channel.

    Some competitors’ forced bundling makes you buy apps and intranets and whole platforms to replace tools that may already work. While they may look good in the demo, user adoption often lags, and intranet overhauls are a heavy lift with high visibility failures.

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    Responsive web design on multiple devices with embedded video

    Quickly create impressive HMTL and video layouts, right in Outlook.

    Get your team on the same page with brand standard templates and components you can share.

    Now build nice looking, mobile-response HTML pages in Outlook, without coding or complexities. PoliteMail makes it easy to enforce your brand standards and have pages which look good on all popular email clients, including Windows, Macs and mobile devices.

    Animation of contacts being sorted by PoliteMail

    Instant, self-service audience targeting

    Why wait for IT or HR pull-requests?  PoliteMail can synchronize HR and Entra ID attributes and enable you to target just the audience you want.

    Let’s face it, not every email should be sent to your large distribution lists, but sometimes you don’t have a choice – the email needs to go out now, and it might take a week to get the IT or HR team to pull the data. With PoliteMail’s SyncroNym, we integrate with most major HR platforms and Active Directories to provide just the attributes you need to find and focus on the right audience – and you can even save the list to always have it up-to-date and ready to send.


    If you are going to measure, measure accurately

    Beyond simple opens and clicks,  PoliteMail measures attention, readership, and engagement.

    Unlike email marketing tools or internal email tracking software, which often undercount or overcount opens, PoliteMail works differently. Because PoliteMail is integrated into M365, it accurately measures email interactions, differentiates between an open, an ignore and a read, and even tells you how long people read your message. Communicators leverage our actionable analytics and insights to improve audience attention, readership and engagement over time.

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