Measurement of email results drives improvements for senders and recipients.

The solution to email overload is email intelligence.

PoliteMail Solutions by Challenge


Measure and Improve Internal Communications


What gets measured, gets managed. Our analytics provide communications teams with insightful reach (how many individuals opened and paid attention to your message without skipping or deleting it), readership (how much time recipients spent viewing the message), and engagement (interaction with your email) data points.

These metrics, including volumes and rates, can be measured over time to help drive communication strategies.

With PoliteMail’s benchmark comparison feature, communicators can compare results to their company averages, or against industry benchmarks to see how their messaging compares against peers in their field.

Data reveals that corporate communicators using PoliteMail for at least two years improved all key metrics including attention rates, readership, clicks, and engagement.



Solve Information Overload


PoliteMail has the tools to make your emails stand out, including the ability to send from any verified address, so the message can come from a recognized leader, not just a mailbox.

Using the Edit Preheader Text feature, communicators can write specific headers that will appear in the reading pane in Outlook so recipients can understand what the email is about.
Our Ai/B Subject Test assists communicators with writing strong subject lines, while our Schedule Send feature allows for messages to arrive in the mailbox at a time when an employee is most likely to read them during their working hours.

Use PoliteMail’s metrics and benchmarks to identify trends, measure the success of your internal broadcasts over time, and apply best practices to improve the employee experience.



Use Accurate, Up-to-Date Distribution Lists


Because PoliteMail integrates directly into Outlook, communicators have real-time access to their existing AD and Entra ID distribution lists.

Create lists by Management Hierarchies and use PoliteMail’s self-service targeting and segmentation tools to deliver relevant communications and increase employee engagement.

PoliteMail can also import CSV files from Excel data sheets for list creation right inside of the product.



Self-service Audience Targeting and Distribution List Creation


List management remains a steady challenge for communicators, as they often must work with other departments like HR or IT to get updated lists constantly, which can delay timely delivery of messages. Targeted messaging builds trust, reduces email overload, and shows employee engagement is a priority.

Using PoilteMail’s add-on tool SyncroNym, communicators can gain self-service tools to create their own targeted lists on demand. SycroNym also enables email measurement reporting segmentation by specific groups of employees, independent of distribution list membership.



Improve Communications Consistency, Branding and Creation Speed


Branded, consistent messaging will ensure higher open rates. With the PoliteMail Builder, communicators can easily set, share, and maintain brand standards across communications teams, with color and font controls, email templates, and page layout components.

Our drag-and-drop Builder makes it simple to create impressive, mobile-responsive email templates and pages. PoliteMail does not impose limits on content, so communicators can store images, links, and attachments that can be shared among communication teams so everyone is working with the same branded elements.



Deliver Messages at the Right Time During Working Hours


In today’s hybrid workforce, delivering timely messages is more critical than ever. PoliteMail’s Schedule Send feature allows communicators to choose what date and time to deliver messages. Furthermore, communicators can schedule delivery based on the employees’ working hours, and to be delivered within their timezone.

Data from PoliteMail’s benchmark report shows that the best time of day to send an email is either first thing in the morning, or after lunch. Half of your audience will see your email within 3 hours, while 80% will see it within 24 hours.



Provide Leadership with Data to Show Business Gains


Leadership wants to know how internal communications have helped increase employee productivity or made or saved the company money. PoliteMail provides data on the message’s reach, readership, and engagement, particularly in comparison to other communications programs within the organization.

Using the Benchmark Comparison feature allows communicators to compare how their messaging is performing relative to their industries, and gauge whether it’s heading in the right direction.

By measuring interactions, repetitions of key phrases and storylines, sentiment analysis, feedback, and simple survey responses, communicators and executives can understand, objectively, how employees are responding to and engaging with your communications.



Rapid Merger & Acquisition Communications Integration


While it will take months for the IT teams to tackle the complex technical project of merging email systems into one, communication has to happen now, and PoliteMail can make it happen.

PoliteMail provides an over-the-top solution, by integrating our internal email broadcast application with multiple Microsoft365/Exchange tenants. This enables PoliteMail senders to see and send to the distribution groups of each organization, and synchronize internal broadcasts, so “all employee” communications will reach the newly acquired employees as well as the existing groups.

From the moment the deal is signed, the corporate communications team will be able to reach across multiple, separate organizational email domains, uniting all corporate communications efforts without waiting months for the IT transition work to be completed.


PoliteMail is compatible with your Microsoft infrastructure.

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