11 Insights for More Strategic Corporate Communications eBook

Strategic Advice for Modern Internal Communications Teams

Learn how highly-compensated corporate communicators are deploying data-driven strategies to improve employee engagement

Effective internal communication is proven to drive more positive business value and outcomes, including:

  • Increase productivity per employee
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement scores
  • Improve glassdoor ratings
  • Reduce wasteful miscommunication

The eleven insightful articles of this eBook are intended to help prevent miscommunication, non-communication and wasted effort and to provide methods to get all stakeholders aligned to your company’s mission.

These insights emphasize the importance of measuring and managing communications, with a focus on improving the effectiveness of the primary corporate communications channel, email.

Well-compensated corporate communicators are those utilizing data to inform their team’s creative efforts. By measuring reach, frequency, attention, readership, engagement and outcomes, your teams will understand what is working and equally important, what isn’t. We hope this eBook helps to improve your efforts and achieve your objectives more frequently.

To summarize this eBook in one sentence, data driven communications is the winning strategy.

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