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Now gain a brighter Outlook with the best internal email measurement tool for communicators. 

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PoliteMail provides the leading internal communications email platform adding features and functions right into your existing Microsoft 365 environment.

PoliteMail always includes at each tier level:

  • Unlimited broadcasting volumes
  • Unlimited analytics reporting and data exports
  • Unlimited branded templates, image and file hosting
  • Reach, Readership and Engagement metrics over time
  • Comparative metrics and improvement over time
  • Dedicated cloud services, no IP or data co-mingling


  • Outlook Global Address Book integration
  • CSV/Excel import option
  • Export analytics reports to email, PDF, Excel, or Word
  • Privacy compliance including GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA
  • SOC-2 and ISO27001 data security standards
  • +-10% employee count allowance (no surcharges)

What makes PoliteMail different from other email marketing or internal email tools?

PoliteMail is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, giving communicators the ability to compose, send, and measure email right from Outlook, from Outlook online, or using the PoliteMail online app. PoliteMail provides anonymous, privacy-complaint email analytics, with accurate measurement of Apple devices with Mail Privacy Protection. Unlike other email marketing tools, PoliteMail keeps your internal email internal, as it is still delivered by Microsoft 365/Exchange. This means no external flagging or warnings for your recipients. You can send from any address or shared mailbox in Outlook or create aliases to send from.  Send to any of your global address book lists, without having to import, or create new lists with PoliteMailBecause PoliteMail is integrated with M365/Exchange, you can also schedule email delivery based on the employees’ working hours and time zones. 

PoliteMail FAQ’s


What is your subscription pricing based upon?

PoliteMail pricing is primarily based on the total audience size you’ll be broadcasting to. The services (or server license), end-user licensing, and technical support are included in our SaaS pricing.  Your cloud or on-prem pricing requires additional engineering support. Contact us for a specific quote.

How many user licenses come with PoliteMail?

Our corporate accounts typically include enough user licenses for the entire communications and HR team members who broadcast email, typically at a rate of 1 communicator per 1,000 employees.  For example, a 30,000-employee license (or below) will receive 30 user licenses.

Is the software subscription based monthly or annually?

Annually, with a three-year capitalization and discount option.

Are there any discounts offered?

Our standardized pricing includes several tiers of volume discounts, and our 3-year subscription agreements include a discount with a fixed price for the longer term.


Is your product SaaS or Software?

Yes! 😉 PoliteMail offers a SaaS service, integrated with your Microsoft Office email system and global address book (no importing of lists required).  Communication interface options include an Outlook for Windows desktop interface, OR an M365 Outlook Online interface (Mac or Windows), and a PoliteMail online, non-Outlook interface. For companies that want complete control of the data and mail flow, we also offer bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) and on-premise software options – each requiring your IT team to manage and host the application services.

What kind of support do you provide?

Onboarding services, training, on-going support and maintenance are all included.  We provide implementation and systems engineering services to assist with the M365/Exchange integration.  Live admin training, live user training, and a self-paced online training academy and e-learning courses are included.  Your organization will be supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager and experienced Technical Support engineers.


What does PoliteMail integrate with?

PoliteMail is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange.  PoliteMail integrates with Microsoft Power Automate and PowerBI. We integrate with standard SSO providers using OID, OAUTH2 and SAML2 including Entra ID, Okta, Ping and others. PoliteMail with the SyncroNym list management tool integrates with popular HR systems such as Workday, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors and ADP.  Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams integrations are on the way.


How long does it take to get up and running?

Most new customers are on-boarded between 14 and 30 days.  The integration with Microsoft Office only takes about 4 hours of actual IT work, but technical approvals and change management processes can consume a lot of time. Our implementation Services Team will conduct 30-minute weekly calls to maintain progress, answer questions and clear any roadblocks, but most of the work is done offline.

Do I need to get my IT involved?

Yes, usually both IT and Security will review our documentation and approve the integration. A SaaS implementation only requires a few hours of IT work for SSO, and M365 integration configuration settings.

Do you provide support for external email sending?

Outlook broadcasts can work for non-marketing use-cases such as sending and measuring safety and compliance notices to suppliers, communicating key information and changes with partners and vendors, maintaining a retiree and alumni organization, or sending benefits information to spousesPoliteMail helps you manage and support these external broadcast use cases, with support for customer email sub-domains and email authentication and signing (DKIM/DMARC). 

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For over a decade PoliteMail is proud to have been serving some the largest companies in the US and abroad with their internal communications campaigns. To measure internal marketing efforts is to manage them, and through PoliteMail they are able to do just that and all without leaving Outlook! But don’t just take our work for it, see what our customers have to say…

“This is an incredibly helpful service, and given the difficulties that we face, I find nothing like PoliteMail in this business.“

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Communications Manager

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