Office 365, Now With Video Feature for Internal Communications

A recent post on Microsoft’s blog announces a new feature that will allow Office 365 customers all around the world access to a new video service, perfect for internal communications.

The article from Microsoft states that is additional feature can provide businesses with “a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing, and discovering video content” also comparing it to the popular website, YouTube, as the “YouTube for companies”.

How it Works

Administrators will be able to upload video content and share it with their entire organization. Think of all the possibilities it could be used for! Training videos, marketing tutorials, or messages from the HR department- all of which are likely to engage your employees more than written messages. Videos can also be grouped into categories to make content even easier to find.

Another bonus- Office 365 Video will be mobile friendly, with an iPhone App that keeps in mind the versatility of communicators who are now, more than ever are remotely or are always on the go. The App is set to have all the capabilities of the desktop version, and videos can be uploaded directly from users’ devices.

And Microsoft already has future plans to improve the tool and App- further understanding the ever changing communications needs.

Read the full article here.

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