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Measure Internal Email and Improve Results!

Use PoliteMail’s Accurate Analytics to Inform & Influence Better Corporate Communication Decisions!


Executives Understand Metrics,
So Why Not Give Communications Teams Some Solid Numbers?

“The ability for us to see what kinds of news and cultural messages are most interesting to our employees is invaluable”

Meghan Parrish

Director of Corporate Communications, Amedisys

Now measure your internal Outlook email communications, and improve results!

Simply send, track and measure any of your Outlook email broadcasts.

Send from any of your Outlook addresses, and to any of your global address book lists.

See results right inside Outlook.

No websites to login to or passwords to remember.

No rude read-receipts required, no flooding of your inbox with open notifications.


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PoliteMail Analytics Provide the Insights You Need to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Measure results with powerful email metrics, including opens, read-time and click through rates plus valuable analytics to help you gain the insights you need to improve your communications.

Simply send, track and measure any internal broadcast to employees and you will see results. Are people reading your corporate newsletters? Do they take the time to read the executive emails? When is the best time to send HR and benefits messages? Do the employee training and onboarding messages get people to the right resources? With PoliteMail, now you’ll know.

Combine Email Metrics with Intranet Analytics and Employee Outcome Data to Gain a 360° View of Your Communications Programs.

  • Easily integrate with your web analytics application.
  • Now see just how much of your intranet traffic is actually driven by your email messaging.
  • Gather employee feedback data using simple surveys and polls right in Outlook!
  • Export to Word or Excel.
  • Build your own reports by combining measurement data with other data sources via PowerView or PowerBI.

Create More Impressive Email

Easily build, standardize and share attractive mobile responsive HTML pages right inside of Outlook.

PoliteMail Mailing Lists

Send To Any Distribution Group

Easily build, standardize and share attractive mobile responsive HTML pages inside Outlook.

PoliteMail Metrics for Outlook

Easy to Get Going!

 Just install the software, do some simple O365 integration later to get more accurate results.

2020 Email Benchmarks
For 10 Industry Sectors

What Can You Learn from over Half a Billion Email Broadcasts, to over Five Million Employees?

  • Want to know what works in internal communications?
  • Wondering how much time is wasted in email?
  • Are employees paying attention?
  • What’s a good corporate open rate?