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PoliteMail Provides Email Measurement & Analytics Inside Outlook

Design Responsive Emails, Send, Track and Measure Employee Engagement Without Leaving Outlook!

Did They Get My Email?

PoliteMail, The Internal Communication Platform that plugs into OutlookPoliteMail was invented to answer that question (because we don’t like those rude read receipts either). PoliteMail also answers the questions that logically come after that, such as “Which links did they click?”, “Did they read my attached document?”, or “Who should I follow-up with first?”

Email is the undeniable killer-app of the internet era. Despite every new invention, email is still here—and growing. Email access is a key feature of any smartphone. Email is a core component of any new social media network. Email is the simple, effective way we exchange information and documents. Email is how business people communicate. And Outlook is how business people utilize email.

But email can also be a bit of a black hole. Did they even get it? Did they click on any links? How do I know? Should I resend it? Perhaps that is why “But I didn’t get that email” is such a common excuse in business meetings.

The patent-pending PoliteMail tool enables marketing, sales and corporate communications departments to know if their Outlook email was received, opened or clicked. Unlike the hundreds of online email marketing services, the PoliteMail tool was developed as software directly integrated into the Outlook/Exchange platform. Which means you can track your regular, everyday Outlook business email, internal employee communications, as well as your marketing, sales and account management emails.

Only PoliteMail provides the ability to send authentic, personalized email to individuals, groups and distribution lists (including Active Directory lists) right from Outlook, with complete opt-out compliance built-in.

Accurately reach all employees or groups

Easily create ad-hoc, targeted lists on the fly

Save & share their own dynamic lists

Measure results by employee segment

Product Overview

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