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  • Drag & drop responsive design components right inside Outlook!
  • No HTML coding required
  • Share brand standards and predesigned templates with your team
  • Send personalized email to your existing distribution lists
  • Easily import CSV/Excel files as lists
  • Self-service segmentation & targeting with Workday, PeopleSoft and ADP integrations
  • See real time results right inside your Outlook
  • Heatmaps, executive dashboards and visual reports
  • Beyond open and clicks, measure reach, attention, readership and engagement

The Ultimate Return to Work Guide 2021

As Covid-19 cases diminish and vaccinations are accelerating, the talk about returning to the office has also increased significantly. We know some people will be enthusiastic, while others will not be. How do you encourage unity and bring your employees together to continue to make the company succeed?

One question still remains for every single company around the world: “What is our going back to office plan?”


What the COVID Happened
to Corporate Communications?

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work.

Whether prepared or not, businesses and offices were shuttered, many companies were thrust into mandatory work from home, creating critical communications challenges.

We’ve been in the business of communications analytics for quite some time, and in analyzing the recent situation, we thought it would be useful to share some of our information and findings…


Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks 2021

Email isn’t going away.
Let’s get smarter about it.

  • Do you send too much corporate email?
  • What’s a good corporate email open rate?
  • How much, or little, do employees actually read?
  • What are the most valuable email KPIs?
  • Does measuring results lead to improvements?


PoliteMail is the Perfect Mass Email Platform for Outlook Email.

Watch how PoliteMail helps with internal communications within PFA financial services that broadcast to over 100,000 staff. Learn how PoliteMail makes it easy to mail all staff at the same time without having to adhere to Outlook’s limit of 500.

PoliteMail offers the ability to not only compose, design and send – but also provides meaningful metrics that will help you to determine the best strategy for all your internal comms needs and all without leaving the familiar interface of Outlook!