Outlook Analytics for Internal Email Communications

Increase employee engagement, with measured results!

PoliteMail helps internal communications teams measure and improve performance across all key metrics, with our top 20% customers achieving +46% more attention, +84% higher readership, and +156% more engagement, on average.

Paige holding the blue flag icon that turns on measurement in PoliteMail

PoliteMail Flies with Copilot

All the benefits of Microsoft’s Copilot AI features for content generation & editing are available with PoliteMail.

Valuable Analytics Data to feed your AI projects

PoliteMail has you covered with our API key and ODATA connection to pull your data and feed your AI projects.
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Are employees even reading the emails you send?

Microsoft Viva won’t tell you. Only PoliteMail for Outlook’s internal email platform provides you with the most accurate analytics from the communicator’s point of view. Plus, you gain the branded email design, send management, and privacy compliance tools to deliver your most effective internal email broadcasts ever.

Never send a bad email ever again!

Create impressive HTML designs right in Outlook. Easy to standardize and share.

Get your communications team working on the same page. With PoliteMail you create, standardize and share branded email templates that look good on any device.

PoliteMail templates are responsive on any device
Paige pointing to three of PoliteMail’s metrics including Readership, Attention Rate, and Engagement Rate Readership Attention Rate Engagement Rate

Measure what matters, improve results over time

Why track opens, when you can measure attention and engagement?

Now you know what’s working, and how to fix what isn’t. Only PoliteMail provides the Reach, Readership, and Engagement dashboards you can present to leadership, with trends over time and with comparisons to industry benchmarks. Drill down into details to diagnose issues and get your communications programs on track and your employees actively engaged.

“Using PoliteMail, we have data that supports what we do, illustrates our impact and guides us in making decisions to expand our reach.”

Allison T, Director of Communications

Discover Why 21% of the S&P 100 Trust PoliteMail

PoliteMail is measuring over 200 Billion Internal Emails to Over 12 Million Employees


Learn how to improve the employee experience and reduce email overload

Get the right message to the right audience at the right time!

With PoliteMail’s timezone and working hours sending features, and list targeting tools, you will reach employees at the right time and place no matter where in the world they work.


Simple tools to create, build and share branded, modern mobile-responsive email for a better employee experience.


Send authentic internal email from any of your email addresses or accounts, to any of your organizations global address book distribution groups. No external tagging!


Our detailed, advanced analytics overcome the inaccuracies due to image blocking and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. Use our reporting metrics to better understand how email drives business outcomes.


Use PoliteMail’s metrics and benchmarks to identify trends, measure the success of your internal broadcasts over time, and apply best practices to improve the employee experience.

Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks 2024

How do your corporate communications measure up?

Sign up for our 2024 Internal Email Benchmark Report to learn…


What's a good corporate email open rate?


How much, or little, do employees actually read?


Have employees started clicking more links?


Does measuring results lead to improvements?


What are the emerging trends for email best practices?

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PoliteMail is compatible with your Microsoft infrastructure.

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