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Internal Communications Measurement That Matters

Guide to Internal Communications Measurement


How to measure—and get the most out of—your email, internet, internal social media and other platforms.

How do you measure communications success?

Internal communications makes an essential contribution to an organization’s success. But for years the dearth of metrics prevented executives from assessing communications’ value—and communicators from making informed decisions.

That’s all changing. With the advent of digital communications, numbers are easier to come by. But which numbers are important, and what is just noise? How do you turn raw numbers such as intranet page views and email opens into key performance metrics that executives will recognize as valuable?

This guide offers tips on measuring your efforts. From planning communications goals to measuring outcomes, this guide will help you implement strategies to prove your value to top leaders. This enables you to measure your efforts and make improvements, and it helps you get a seat at the table when top leaders meet.

The tips and ideas included in this guide come from professional practitioners and experts as well as case studies that draw lessons from three internal communications powerhouses: JLL Americas, Microsoft and Cleveland Clinic. Read on to tap into their collective experience and wisdom.

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