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Want to Easily Create More Impressive Corporate Email?

Establish and share brand standard email templates in Outlook


Simplify responsive email design work, without HMTL coding, right inside your Outlook editor!

Like no product we’ve seen on the market

“This product has been a game changer in our communications value provided to the organizations.”

Megan F.

Consultant, Communications, Health, Wellness and Fitness

PoliteMail adds a page builder tool panel alongside the Outlook editor.

Simply drag and drop responsive components onto your page.

Add your own content and images, change fonts and colors.

Easily move content sections around, or add new ones. It’s fast and easy.


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Define and share brand standard fonts and colors with the entire communications team. 

  • Use your corporate brand guidelines to define the fonts and colors to be used for any new email pages which are created using the PoliteMail builder tool
  • Create multiple brand themes for corporate brands and product brands, or for specific publications, programs or campaigns
  • Share specific brands themes with specific communications teams and groups

Easily create and share template pages, images, logos, and standard paragraph text with groups and teams

  • Easily share templates, images and content with team member or entire groups, without having to send files around
  • Save hours of time producing your regular daily, weekly or monthly message, start with a predefined template, and simply add new content and images
  • Images automatically scale to fit the template size, optimized for email.
  • No HTML coding required, but you can edit the HTML or import HTML files if you know what your are doing

Measure & Improve Results

Measure reach, readership and engagement to improve communications with employees.

PoliteMail Metrics for Outlook

Save Time with Lists

Use any of your existing DLs, import a CSV, or integrate with HR systems like WorkDay

PoliteMail Mailing Lists

Easy to Get Going!

 Just install the software, do some simple O365 integration later to get more accurate results.

2020 Email Benchmarks
For 10 Industry Sectors

What Can You Learn from over Half a Billion Email Broadcasts, to over Five Million Employees?

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