Communicating Change to Employees

Business is brutal, and things can happen at the drop of a hat that can change the way you communicate with employees. With more businesses today experiencing layoffs and closure, you have to wonder how to deal. One of the most crucial goals should be keeping in touch with employees. When crises or other incidents arise your employees may feel alienated from your company. It’s important to keep employees in the loop and let them know you are actively dealing with the situation. Change happens, and with a great communications strategy the transition can be made more effectively.

5 Tips for Communicating Change to Employees

  1. Provide regular, weekly e-mail blasts from leadership describing the changing events
  2. Let employees know when major decisions are expected to be made; for example, communicate when benefit and personnel information will be released
  3. Encourage dialogue between managers and their teams. If needed, have leadership step in and directly communicate with employees through town hall-style meetings and discussions.
  4. Create a channel for two-way, open communication. For example, create a virtual suggestion box or a forum for discussion between employees and leadership. Posts can remain anonymous for employees
  5. if there is no information available or something hasn’t been deciding yet, let employees know that, but don’t keep them guessing. Employees who have to wonder about their futures are not engaged in their jobs and productivity and loyalty will be affected

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