Getting Creative with Internal Communications

One of the best channels of communicating to the outside world is more obvious than you would think: your staff members! With social media now fiving employees a global platform on which to speak, it’s important to make sure they’re saying the right things. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll find social media within your organization can be a real hit.

Whether you’re sharing through social media, talking with friends and family or dealing with customers, what an employee says usually comes down to how much they understand the company and how engaged they are in their position.

Kari Owens, UK communications expert recently help a workshop offering some great advice on a new approach to your internal communications. Here’s a rundown of what the workshop suggests:

Lead by Example

Employees are more likely to feel engages if their boss or CEO is visible and present in the workplace and makes the effort to talk to people. Think about how you feel when your boss drops by, you feel important, right? Company spread across a large office or globally? Try using video messages so that you face is still seen and your voice heard.

The Importance of Physical Conversation

The benefits of digital communications have significant advantages, we know that. However, sometimes conversations need to happen face-to-face particularly if they involve a sensitive subject. People are usually more likely to be honest and communicative in “real life” than they are in email.

Back to Basics

With all the noise and distraction in today’s online world, it can help to keep it simple! Think of all the marketing call to actions you see, and use this strategy in your internal communications. Use these methods to clearly communicate what you want the staff to do or understand.

Get Staff Involved

Giving teams the opportunity to be a part of the company’s wider goals will make them more willing and eager to spread the word. Give staff a reason to truly care about the company and its success, and train them in how to use social media responsively.

Make it Visual

If you want to engage employees in a different and more creative way, allow images, photos, infographics, and videos to do the talking for you. These channels are a great way to get staff’s attention and allow them to digest complex or dull information more easily.

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