Business of All Sizes Adopt Internal Communications Programs

A recent article on the Entrepreneur website suggests that when it comes to internal marketing and engagement, the size of the organization doesn’t matter. Although some business owners think that their company may not be big enough to need an internal communications network, or that their employees wouldn’t be interested in using one. However, internal communications programs can benefit businesses of any size.

With this in mind, here are some tips for how to achieve an effective internal communications program- regardless of how many employees are going to use it:

  1. Start Small
    Engaging staff and keeping them up-to-date with company news doesn’t mean you need a fancy setup and all the newest tools- it can start with a simple email newsletter sent out at the beginning of each month. For example, over time a newsletter to all employees can turn into a larger more formal production such as a magazine or company intranet and blog.
  2. Aim High
    Beyond sharing the typical newsletter content such as positive and perhaps trivial news try including content employees will care about, or information that directly effects them. Employees tend to care about all aspects of the business more than most bosses would expect. Encourage this interest by sharing complex news and events, showing how losses or higher profits can affect the company as a whole; this will keep them engaged and motivated, as well as feeling more responsible for their contributors.
  3. Share Everything
    Maybe not EVERYTHING- but it’s important to share a variety of news and information. Not only will this keep employees interested in regularly reading internal messages, but it will also give them a more accurate understanding of how the company operates. Being part of an open and honest dialogue will also make staff feel more valued, which can foster high engagement levels.

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