Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results

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2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results

When your company builds airports and stadiums from San Francisco to Newark, your workforce of welders, dirt movers and other hard hats isn’t an easy communications reach.

Add to that a flood of mass emails sent by various departments, and Austin Industries’ new communication manager, Bill Maselunas, has his work cut out for him.

“My challenge is to find out what’s being sent to everybody, talking to the content owners and subject matter experts about each of them, and really getting at what the goal is for each of those,” he says.

He’s not alone in seeing the strategic value of email in internal communication. An annual survey by Ragan Communications and PoliteMail Software reveals that email tops all other channels, as 92% of all communicators use this direct, click-and-send messaging system. With some communications teams still at a loss as to how to prove their value, communications measurement continues to frustrate many.

One-third of communicators aren’t measuring at all. Such news dismays
survey participant Shel Holtz, director of internal communications for
the commercial construction contractor Webcor.

“If you can’t demonstrate that what you’re doing is working, I don’t know why anybody is paying you,” Holtz says.

The survey, which also delves into communications challenges, offers guidance and benchmarking potential – opening the door for professionals to educate those holding the purse strings about industry norms in measurement, mobile use and other areas.

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“Using PoliteMail, we have data that supports what we do, illustrates our impact and guides us in making decisions to expand our reach.”

Allison T, Director of Communications

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