How a FinTech Leader Connected an 80,000 Employee Global Remote Workforce Through Data-Driven Communications Using PoliteMail

A case study featuring PoliteMail’s distribution list solutions.

Fintech Case Study

This Fortune 500 company has been at the forefront of the FinTech movement since 1968. More than six decades later, they manage more than half of the world’s wealth, moving twice as much yearly as their top three competitors combined.

They implemented PoliteMail at the height of the pandemic, just as they had closed 300 campuses and sent employees home.

With more than 80,000 team members spread across 50+ countries, they had already laid the groundwork for a remote working model. Yet, leadership needed data-driven assurance that they were engaging team members and offering them optimal support.

After a preliminary analysis, they discovered they needed more design flexibility, automation, and real-time metrics to measure the impact of their messaging.

In this case study – find out how this global, FinTech company transformed its outreach efforts into a data-driven system that was simple, measurable, branded, and effective.

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