How Kroger Used PoliteMail to Create a Metric-driven Enterprise-wide Communication Approach During COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit, Kroger, one of America’s largest retailers according to annual sales figures had an immediate need for internal communications that were consistent, timely, and personalized.

On initial analysis, it was discovered that many store associates were receiving too many emails and this was making it difficult for them to prioritize tasks and projects. Time is money and time spent reading too many emails is time taken away from core duties.

Using PoliteMail, Kroger was able to not only communicate effectively during the pandemic but also analyze the data from email campaigns and to make a consistent continuous cycle of improvement to their internal communications.

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27% of America’s Largest Employers
Trust PoliteMail with their Internal Communications

Email isn’t going away, let’s get smarter about it.

For over a decade PoliteMail is proud to have been serving some the largest companies in the US and abroad with their internal communications campaigns. To measure internal marketing efforts is to manage them, and through PoliteMail they are able to do just that and all without leaving Outlook! But don’t just take our work for it, see what our customers have to say…

“Utilizing PoliteMail during our pilot was the foundation of our success. We used it to analyze, learn and make improvements to our communication cadence and messaging”

Lisa Allison

Store Communications Manager, Kroger

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