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Is Your List Management Process More Like a Circus Act?

Your up-to-date employee data is out there. Syncronym gets and posts it into Outlook!


Maintaining up-to-date employee distribution lists is a challenge for most large organizations. It might be weeks before HR updates reach the Active Directory, or vice-versa, but in the meantime communicators and executives need their email messages to reach certain audiences.

Corporate communicators often need to reach a particular segment of the employee audience which they don’t have a distribution group for.

Perhaps everyone above a certain management level, or in a particular division, or everyone at a specific campus or building location. When such distribution groups don’t exist, someone in IT has to process yet another request while the communicators are left to either wait or send the broadcast to everyone. There must be a better way.

Syncronym, from PoliteMail, is a distribution list accuracy automation tool, built to support communicators while easing the IT workload.

Want to Manage Your Distribution Lists More Efficiently Today?

Now Automate Your List Accuracy with Syncronym!

Accurately Reach All Employees or Groups

Easily Create Ad-hoc, Targeted Lists on the Fly

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Measure Results by Employee Segment

What is Syncronym?

Syncronym is a software service which solves the problem of distribution list management by automating maintenance and synchronization of employee data between systems. When combined with PoliteMail for Outlook, corporate communicators gain self-service tools to create their own targeted lists on demand, without waiting and without adding to IT’s workload. Syncronym also enables email measurement reporting segmentation by specific groups of employees, independent of distribution list membership.

As a specific-purpose, service-driven ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool, Syncronym processes, organizes and maintains distribution lists using your existing employee data sources. It can be deployed on premise, as a cloud service, or in a hybrid configuration. Syncronym requires configuration services and secure access to HR, AD and/or payroll source data.

Why Syncronym?

In large organizations, list management gets complicated quickly, and list accuracy often suffers. Typically, there are a mix of systems that each process and update employee data, generally without synchronization with Active Directory or Exchange distribution lists. All too often, the all-employee list and lists by region, division, management level, job role, or building location are out-of-date or non-existent, with former employees remaining on the list and new employees absent from it. Integrating directories of acquired companies often becomes a much delayed process when communications reach is most critical.

“We didn’t have a ton of insight into who our messages were going to in our previous Broadcast Message Tool in Lotus Notes [also ‘IBM Notes’ or just ‘Notes’]. Switching over to PoliteMail and through the Syncronym software, now there’s full transparency“

Lance Thomas

Product Owner, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Syncronym with PeopleSelect puts your list data right into the hands of the people who need it.

Now communications professionals are able to make their own lists, and updates are managed automatically!

PoliteMail with Syncronym puts accurate employee data into the hands of communicators, providing simple self-service targeting and effective list management tools, with reporting segmentation and comparison of results between groups.

Syncronym provides up-to-date lists that extend those available from Active Directory or Exchange, and can be leveraged to augment or replace older legacy list management systems (LMS). Syncronym can reduce the IT workload and streamline list management processes, read and write to existing LMS systems, and even be utilized to update and maintain Active Directory lists.

How does Syncronym work?

Syncronym is a service executable and typically resides on the same server the PoliteMail services run on. The Syncronym administration interface is where mappings of source columns to target columns are defined, processing schedules are set, look-up table references and transformations are defined, and manual executions of synchronization tasks can be initiated.

What data can be synced?

Syncronym operates at the employee (a contact or person) level, using email address as the unique identifier, and any attribute related to a person which is useful for targeting and segmentation may be utilized. Common attributes include department, division, cost center, work location, manager, job role, employee type and active status. While serialized data such as employee ID is also frequently utilized for unique identification and audit purposes, as it is of little use for targeting, segmentation or list creation.

Who uses Syncronym?

Many of our Fortune 1000 customers in all verticals: healthcare, insurance, finance, retail, technology – utilize Syncronym to gain accurate employee lists and provide attribute-level targeting and list self-service, not available with standard Exchange and Active Directory services.

Can Syncronym create lists managed by hierarchies?

Yes, when a manager is identified as an attribute for an employee contact record, a reports-to hierarchy is generated. Such “reports to” lists, which contain all subordinates cascading to the end of the hierarchy tree, may be used for email broadcasts for all employees under a certain Vice President say, or to send a broadcast which the employee would receive addressed from their direct manager.

How many attributes can be loaded for targeting and segmentation?

From a performance and usability standpoint, the practical limit is generally between 16 and 32, with a maximum of about 100 attribute fields. Remember, the functional purpose of Syncronym is list management, targeting and segmentation, not data cataloging or warehousing.

For automated reporting segmentation, the best practice is to follow your company’s financial reporting structures and keeping your predefined reporting segments limited to the most useful for reporting on a recurring and comparative basis.

How does Syncronym get implemented?

Syncronym is an IT project which takes about 30 days to get up and running and requires our technicians to work with your team: on the technical side, to securely access and load the data, and on the business side, to accurately process the data to maintain the desired lists and segments.

Do I have to use PoliteMail to use Syncronym?

While Syncronym was designed to assist current PoliteMail customers with their list management issues, it may be utilized to push updated list data into any other system which utilizes mailing list data, including Active Directory, List Management Systems, or other email distribution tools.

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