Will Software Transform Employee Engagement?

A recent article posted on the Forbes website argues ways in which software will transform employee engagement.

The biggest changes in businesses is the way that businesses are engaging their employees Jamie True, CEO if WorkAngel an employee recognition and reward platform. As True sees it, companies need to embrace a “human-centered, design-led mobile approach” to the front-end experiences of workplace management tools.

Interestingly enough, True is right: 87% of organizations are using ineffective and engagement and reward systems that were created many years ago and are no longer relevant. The good news is that software can change, here are some areas to focus on:

Tailor incentives to what Employees Really Want

One of the biggest motivators in the workplace are incentives, a worthy investment for employers that shouldn’t be considered an expense. Employee with access to good employee incentives programs are generally happier and have lower turnover rates.

True suggests creating rewards programs with exclusive discounts and sales to reward employees. True feels that when employees are able to take those rewards and purchase items that the personally care about employees will be happier. Over are the days when watches, pens and plaques can be given as rewards.

Frequent Feedback Results in Productive Improvements

A recent study by Officevibe revealed that 65% of employees would prefer more frequent feedback, even if as little as once a week. Since feedback is a two-way street, each week management should try to send out on question that encourages employees to rate or respond with their opinion. One simple question a week allows employees a quick and easy survey experience instead of a lengthy response.

This frequent back and forth allows for issues to be dealt with immediately, and avoids and buildup of issues. Employees can also congratulate each other on a job well done, or recognize their efforts on a team project or developing skill. Peer-to-peer recognition can help boost morale and foster teamwork and collaboration.

Pay Attention to Human Resource Improvements

As a software slowly makes it’s way through an organization take notice, in most cases it can improve the way a business functions.

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