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What’s the Difference Between PoliteMail® and MyAnalytics® ?

What’s the Difference?



User Requirements

PoliteMail for Outlook add-in and PoliteMail Server

Employees may opt-out of data collection

Responsive Page Design and Email Standardization Tools



Reporting by message

By message, by campaign, by list, by sender, overall

Recipient Requirements

None. Data may be collected for any email recipient, desktop, mobile, online, internal or external.

O365 E5 or Enterprise License within your organization

Real Time Measurement

Yes, within 3 minutes of an interaction

It takes some time (about a week) to generate statistics for recent emails.

Read Time Measurement

Yes, accurate to the second

Not really. An email open is considered a read, and by default 2.5 minutes is assigned as the read time, unless you do another email action, then the time between actions is assigned

Product Objective

Broadcast Analytics. To measure and improve your employee email broadcasts right from Outlook

Personal Productivity. Create better work habits measuring personal productivity using Office365

List Management, HR Integration and Segmentation Tools



Individual Measurement

Yes, with options for anonymous and aggregate. Enables segmentation by groups and distribution list or HR attributes.

Yes, but results are hidden. You will not be able to identify individual people from the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in. This means that MyAnalytics does not display statistics for emails sent to fewer than five people or show that 100% of recipients read an email.

Email Open Measurement

Yes, total opens (page views), device opens, and unique opens

Yes, an email open is called a read. MyAnalytics does not provide an exact read rate when 100% (or close to 100%) of recipients read your email. The message will say: High read activity. Your data is collected from your Office 365 mailbox. Percent read by others is based on aggregated data from the people you send email to within your organization.

Data Retention

Up to 1 year of individual details, plus multiple years of consolidated metrics

MyAnalytics doesn’t show read statistics for emails that are older than seven days.