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Looking for Email Broadcast Tools That Integrate with Outlook?

Politemail Is Your One-stop Solution for All Your Corporate Email Broadcasts!

What’s the Difference Between PoliteMail® and Email Broadcast Tools Like Exact Target® and Lyris®

Because Simple is Better Than Complicated.

  • When a large retailer wants to market blue sweaters to all women who purchased a blue dress in the spring, an email power tool is required.
  • But such power and complexity is overkill for internal corporate communications.
  • With PoliteMail, you simply use Outlook to create, send and measure personalized email to employees.

Creating and Sending Email Doesn’t Have to be Such a Process.

  • Why should an email message be a major construction project? Who knew you had to create both an HTML and text version of every email?
  • And if you have a message to get out in a hurry, well, find another way.
  • That other way is often Outlook, so with PoliteMail you get the ease and gain the measurement too!

Eliminate the Backlogs and Bottlenecks.

  • Complex tools require dedicated, trained personnel to operate, and with only a few people in your organization who learn how do it, everything has to run through them.
  • Why struggle through this long work flow every time you have a message to send?
  • With PoliteMail, you and your team can do it yourself in Outlook, with ease!

No Extra List Management Work Required.

  • Your lists are already in your Outlook global address book, so why not just send to them?
  • Why have to go through the process of getting a file from IT, uploading and importing it, and keeping this up-to-date every time you send?
  • With PoliteMail, use any of your global address book lists, no importing required.
  • If you do need to pull lists from your HR system or a spreadsheet, PoliteMail can do that too.

Employees Don’t Have to “Click to Download Pictures” to See Your Message Content.

  • Because PoliteMail keeps your email inside of Outlook and Exchange, your content downloads automatically for all internal recipients.
  • This means you gain a much more accurate open rate.

Secure, Enterprise Class Software for Outlook & Exchange.

  • PoliteMail adds email marketing tools into your Outlook desktop, plus provides both a dedicated cloud-service solution, or an on-premise server software option.
  • PoliteMail has solutions to fit your IT data security requirements.

No Per-Email Fees.

  • With enterprise level broadcast tools, you pay for the user license plus a pennies per email fee.
  • With PoliteMail, pricing is based upon your audience size, not your message volume.

Featured Case Study

The American Cancer Society Boosts Internal Email Open Rates by 44% with PoliteMail

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    Is Your List Management a Circus Act?

  • Need updated lists from your HR System?
  • Syncronym automatically synchronizes your employee data to keep your distribution lists up-to-date!
  • Syncronym will vastly improve send processing speeds for large or heavily nested Exchange DL's.

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