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Searching for a Simple Solution for Internal Communications?

With Politemail There’s No Need for 3rd Party Software. Compose, Design, Send & Track All from Within Outlook!

What’s the Difference Between PoliteMail® and Online Email Marketing Tools Like Constant Contact® and MailChimp®?

Instead of monkeying around with online email marketing tools designed for small businesses, consider these reasons why you will see better results using PoliteMail for internal corporate communications.

No New Email Program to Learn.

  • Why login to a website and follow another process just to create and send email?
  • You already know how to use Outlook.
  • With PoliteMail, you gain the email marketing features you want, in the email program you already know how to use.

No Imports or List Management Required.

  • Your lists are already in your global address book, so use them.
  • Why have to go through the process of getting a file from IT, uploading and importing it, and keeping this up-to-date every time you send?
  • With PoliteMail, just address your email as you normally do in Outlook and send. It’s that easy.

Employees Don’t Have to “Click to Download Pictures” to See Your Message.

  • Because PoliteMail keeps your email inside of Outlook and Exchange, your content downloads automatically for internal recipients.
  • This means you gain a much more accurate open rate.

No Opt-Out Footer or Small Business Logos.

  • You don’t want your employees to be able to opt-out of your internal email, right?
  • And who wants to see your corporate email tagged with some small business marketing logo?

Your Internal Email Content Shouldn’t be Public.

  • Ever wonder who has access to your email, when you get that “Having trouble viewing this message. View as webpage.” in your email? Basically anyone.
  • Your security department won’t be happy about that. With PoliteMail, your message content stays internal.

Building an Email Doesn’t Have to be Such a Process.

  • With email marketing tools you have to follow the same HTML construction process, there is no such thing as sending a quick, text, link signature style email.
  • Usually, it’s faster and easier to create your content in Outlook.
  • And when you want to create mobile-responsive HTML pages, PoliteMail adds these tools right into Outlook.

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Syncronym, The Synonym for Distribution List Automation

Is Your List Management a Circus Act?

Maintaining employee distribution lists is challenging for most large organizations. It might be weeks before HR updates reach the Active Directory, or vice-versa, but in the meantime communicators and executives need to send email messages which reach everyone.

  • Syncronym automatically synchronizes your employee data to keep your distribution lists up-to-date!
  • Syncronym will vastly improve send processing speeds for large or heavily nested Exchange DL’s.

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