What Makes PoliteMail Different From Other Internal Email Measurement Tools 

PoliteMail Paige standing on top of the winners podiumOffice workers dedicate up to 8.8 hours per week to reading and writing emails, according to data from Microsoft. That’s a lot of wasted time if many of the messages are vague or go unopened. Indeed, a recent Harris Poll survey revealed business leaders estimate their teams lose about 7.5 hours each week due to poor communication. In that sense, the 4-day workweek is already here. 

It’s no wonder several email software companies have come along promising to fix the problem. While Contact Monkey, Workshop, Poppulo, Cerkl, Staffbase, and others like them offer various tools aimed at improving internal communication, none possess PoliteMail’s combination of proprietary features and powerful analytics designed for the modern hybrid workplace. It’s why more than 20% of S&P 100  companies are customers. 

PoliteMail’s internal email measurement platform enhances your existing 

M365 email environment, providing in-depth analytics as well as design and 

productivity tools to improve the employee email experience. 

Our service also provides unlimited data storage for images, templates, and file attachments, making it easier to build targeted emails that resonate with employees. 

Read on to discover what makes PoliteMail the number one email analytics tool for communicators.  

Microsoft 365 Integration for True Internal Email 

No one wants another app to open or password to forget. 

That’s why PoliteMail lives inside of Outlook. There is no new email program to learn, and no third-party apps to download and manage.  

This tight integration with Microsoft 365 means no external flags, security warnings, or opt-out options for your recipients. For the communicator, there are no Outlook volume limitations on either the number of recipients or messages sent. Images download automatically. Access to existing distribution lists is immediate. PoliteMail’s full integration with Outlook also allows users to benefit from Microsoft’s AI-powered tool Copilot, which can help test subject lines, boost open rates, and turbocharge productivity. 

There’s no need to slow down during an acquisition, either. Because PoliteMail runs through Microsoft 365, it can combine separate emails systems within minutes—not months. That way both organizations can share distribution lists and reach all employees with neither headache nor hassle. 

Robust Analytics 

No email software tool provides as many statistics to improve internal communications as PoliteMail. 

Beyond measuring open and click rates, which are now table stakes across the industry, PoliteMail also examines a message’s effectiveness and engagement levels. Senders can review how much time recipients spent with their message. Did people read it, skim it, or outright ignore it? Users can also review interaction by time of day and geographical location.

To help internal communicators improve their messaging strategy, PoliteMail also lets users compare their individual campaign results with their company’s average and the average of 10 S&P industries. Data from billions of sent emails has established sturdy benchmarks that can serve as standards to match and, eventually, surpass.

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy Protection 

At PoliteMail, personal data remains just that: personal. Users’ information remains anonymous and is never for sale. PoliteMail will never charge data storage fees or remove access to data after a set amount of time.

PoliteMail’s ISO27001 certified security protocols provide Single Sign-On (SSO) for user access controls and claims, keeps data encrypted in transit and at rest, and provides dedicated SaaS services with a dedicated IP address.

PoliteMail provides GDPR and CCPA compliant in-depth measurement that upholds employee privacy in every manner possible. PoliteMail can also measure devices with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection enabled. 
PoliteMail Paige with unsuitened bottle

Taste the Engagement with Our UnSuitened Offerings

Unlike other firms that push potential customers to buy bundles featuring tools they neither need nor want, PoliteMail is Unsuitened. That means no unnecessary products or add-ons; just an email measurement platform that’s proven to bolster internal communications.

Are Employees Even Reading Your Emails?  Know The Answer with PoliteMail

Employees spend a significant amount of time on emails, with poor communication leading to wasted hours each week. PoliteMail stands out as a comprehensive solution for internal email analytics and measurement within Microsoft 365, offering robust features and security protocols to improve employee engagement and communication efficiency. If you want to learn more about how you can get a brighter Outlook, schedule a personalized demo today. 

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