The State of Corporate Communications Survey 2022

Polite Paige

The only constant is change. And change there has been since our “State of Corporate Communications Survey” from last year. Much of that change has been ongoing acceptance of the new working environment post-COVID – a decentralized, more remote workforce, which is a particular challenge for corporate communicators as they must now reach and engage with both deskless and remote workers. As one survey respondent so aptly says this year: “It’s more difficult to track and measure engagement from remote employees and their changing needs.”

To better assess the challenges and opportunities for corporate internal communications, we surveyed more than 250 communicators in May 2022. We asked about the effectiveness of their comms channels and platforms, use of measurement and analytics, technology and tools, what’s working and what isn’t … and, perhaps most importantly, how they expect to improve their channels and methods of communication.

2022 Corporate Communications Survey

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