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Solutions for Internal Communicators

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According to recent data, only 30% of recipients will read more than half of an email’s content. Internal communicators need a software solution that will help maximize email strategies for continuous improvement and engagement within their organizations. Their recipients want to receive branded, mobile-responsive emails without having to clear security warnings or blocked images.

PoliteMail plugs directly into Outlook, so there’s no new email program to learn or 3rd-party app to access in order to design, send, and measure your email broadcasts. Internal communicators are no longer bound by Outlook’s daily send and volume limitations; they can send unlimited emails to their already existing Exchange distribution lists from any verified Outlook email address. PoliteMail offers features such as a drag-and-drop template builder for creating branded content, audience targeting and list segmentation tools, and in-depth analytics to show meaningful trends over time. Gone is the guesswork of, “Did they read my email?” With PoliteMail, internal communicators will know if people read their email as opposed to just opening it, which parts of the email they found most engaging, and analytics to measure improvement over time. Utilizing PoliteMail’s suite of tools, internal communicators can improve performance for all key metrics including Attention, Readership, and Engagement.

“In communications, it’s really hard to show Executives that ROI, and the PoliteMail tools give me a chance to really display what we’re providing to them and the value we’re providing to them.”

Dana H

Senior Manager of Internal Communications

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Kroger case study outlining effective distribution list management

Data-backed email practices to improve your messages.

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Solutions for HR Professionals

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One of the major challenges for HR professionals is connecting and engaging employees, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. On top of this, they must contend with keeping ever-changing distribution lists up to date, which can be a challenge for larger corporations if they need to get the IT team involved. PoliteMail allows you to send from any email address in your Outlook account (including shared mailboxes and email aliases), to any of your distribution lists that already exist in your Azure or Exchange environment. HR professionals can also create segmented lists within PoliteMail for further comparison metrics and A/B testing. 

Personalization, employee surveys, and scheduled sending are just some of the many tools PoliteMail offers to increase open rates and employee engagement. In addition, PoliteMail’s measurement modes allow you to do follow up communications, all while keeping employees’ Personally Identifiable Information secure. With our SyncroNym add on, HR professionals can sync PoliteMail with many of the major HR list management systems including ADP, Workday, and Oracle Peoplesoft, for the most up-to-date distribution list management. 

We have many different departments and we need every last one to receive and understand the communications we send. Now they are.

Anne H

Managing Editor

Learn how PoliteMail’s distribution list tools connected an 80,000 employee global remote workforce.

FinTech case study outlining email best practices for HR professionals

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Solutions for Executive Leadership

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Executives need tools, data sets, and analysis to demonstrate the value of a good communications strategy. By measuring interactions, repetitions of key phrases and storylines, sentiment analysis, feedback, and simple survey responses, executives can understand how employees are responding and engaging with communications. Measurement enables learning what works best to spark employee interest and drives a cohesive culture working towards shared goals.

Only PoliteMail gives you the email reach, readership and engagement metrics and dashboards to show meaningful trends over time. PoliteMail’s benchmark feature allows executives and communicators to compare their company’s messages to those of their peers in their industry. With that information in hand, executives and their communication advisors can craft language and execute plans that achieve business objectives and improve the performance of the organization at large.

“It’s no longer ‘I think,’ it’s ‘I know,’ because that’s what the data says.”

Chris C

Director of Internal Communications

Learn how to show leadership the ROI of internal comms.

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Data-backed best practices for more strategic communications and engagement.

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Solutions for Digital Workplace and IT

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PoliteMail understands that a software solution must satisfy your organization’s strict security requirements and privacy compliance. Because PoliteMail runs on the Microsoft standards technology stack, integration and usage of PoliteMail is straightforward and easy. Our three deployment options are designed to fit into your already existing Exchange structure while protecting employees’ personally identifiable information. Emails sent using PoliteMail GDPR and CCPA compliant, and are able to measure individual results anonymously, from any device, including devices with Mail Privacy Protection. PoliteMail also supports separate M365 tenants, so you can send multiple internal broadcasts across multiple email domains from one mailbox, with one message.

PoliteMail has the capability of checking how effective email campaigns are; in addition to SyncroNym component, we can create Distribution Lists based on information from our HR system.

Gerardo M

IT Lead Engineer

Read how PoliteMail helps target segmented groups.

Case study with Royal Caribbean, outlining transitioning from Lotus Notes to PoliteMail for distribution list management

PoliteMail is compatible with your Microsoft infrastructure.

PoliteMail Compatible Microsoft Products

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