Report Reveals Issues Affecting Employee Engagement

A new survey reveals that the majority of organizations do not have an official employee engagement policy in place. The report. published earlier this week entitled “The Evolution of Employee Engagement” looks at the changing staff engagement landscape. The report shows that just 27% of organizations take a formal approach to employee engagement. In addition it is also revealed that 76% of employees aged 30 and under would like to see their employer do more to boost employee engagement.

the issue of disengaged employees is one that is not new, criticized by many recently. The results of the survey aims to help determine the key factors influencing employee engagement, from collaboration and the role of management to corporate honesty and transparency.

One issue faced by many organizations is that many do not understand how to deal with the subject of employee engagement. Many do not realize how much technology can support and employee engagement strategy, or how internal ambassadors can help improve levels of engagement.

“Employee engagement and corporate culture have become top-level business priorities for senior management, as an engaged workforce is a higher performing one, but the disconnect between intent and execution is widespread” states  Susan Hunt Stevens CEO of WeSpire.

The results of this survey go some way to emphasize the steps employers can take to better engage their workforce and create a more positive workplace through corporate social responsibility and sustainability, for example.

Finally, the survey goes on to confirm three key trends in the pursuit for employee engagement: a great management team; transparency at all levels of the business; and the amount of choice and collaboration opportunities open to staff members.

See the full results of the survey and read the full article here.

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