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Products for Internal Email Creation, Tracking and Distribution by PoliteMail

Enhance Your Outlook with Powerful Internal Communications Plugins

Communications is about results.

Your role is to deliver messages which cause people to take action, to understand objectives, to change thinking and behavior.

Improving those results requires accurate measurements and insightful analytics. Good communicators want to create impressive, effective internal communications programs and be able to show meaningful results to leadership…

Fortunately, this doesn’t require learning any complex communications tools.

Internal Communications Tools for Outlook & Exchange

Advanced Email Analytics
Open, click and read-time with attention, effective and engagement metrics

Personalization & Follow-up Segmentation
Address individuals by name, follow-up based on action or inaction

Content Creation and Management
Responsive HTML page creation, standardization, distribution control

The Synonym for Distribution List Automation

Keeps Distribution Lists Updated Automatically
Easily maintain various employee lists
and databases

Compatible with PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson and Other HR Systems
Limits exposure of confidential
HR information

Licensing Plus Configuration Services
Starting at $1 per employee record

“I liked that PoliteMail was a plug-in into Outlook, so it was a seamless integration” Brad Langford

Integrated Marketing Manager, Cisco

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