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Internal Communications Tools for Outlook & Exchange

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Advanced Email Analytics
Open, click and read-time with attention, effective and engagement metrics

Personalization & Follow-up Segmentation
Address individuals by name, follow-up based on action or inaction

Content Creation and Management
Responsive HTML page creation, standardization, distribution control

Syncronym Email List Distribution Management

The Synonym for Distribution List Automation

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Keeps Distribution Lists Updated Automatically
Easily maintain various employee lists and databases

Compatible with PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson and Other HR Systems
Limits exposure of confidential HR information

Licensing Plus Configuration Services
Starting at $1 per employee record

Full Service
Outlook Email Design

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Responsive Email Design
Ensure your email broadcasts look great regardless of the device the recipient uses.

Page Creation Services
We design and code a responsive HTML email template for you, which you can edit right in Outlook.

Email Publication Production Services
You provide the content, we take over the heavy lifting. When you press send, its perfect.

2022 Corporate Communications Servey

The State of Corporate Communications Survey 2022

The only constant is change. And change there has been since our “State of Corporate Communications Survey” from last year. Much of that change has been ongoing acceptance of the new working environment post-COVID – a decentralized, more remote workforce, which is a particular challenge for corporate communicators as they must now reach and engage with both deskless and remote workers. As one survey respondent so aptly says this year: “It’s more difficult to track and measure engagement from remote employees and their changing needs.”


“We’ve used PoliteMail to do A/B testing of subject lines and from fields so we know which ones employees are more likely to open and read. “

Marcia Cummings

Internal Communications Manager, Con Edison