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Email isn’t going anywhere, so let’s get smarter about it!

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PoliteMail integrations including M365, desktop Outlook, and online

PoliteMail Internal Communications Platform

There’s no need to change your internal email process as PoliteMail adds the tools you need right inside the Outlook desktop or M365 Outlook online.  You can also use PoliteMail online, which is integrated with M365 so you can send to your existing distribution groups without any import steps.  Fast and flexible, send from Outlook, M365, PoliteMail online or automate via our programmable API.

PoliteMail for Outlook

  • PoliteMail adds new tools to your everyday email tool
  • Send from any of your authentic email addresses
  • Avoids external flags, spam folders, and security warnings
  • Works on Macs, Windows, and in major browsers


PoliteMail Benefits

Create impressive, brand standard email

Build HTML email pages with ease

Our drag-and-drop email page builder makes it easy to create impressive, mobile responsive email templates and pages. Easily combine and share branded components with your communications team, no coding required! Both Outlook and Word compatible.

Conduct simple surveys right in Outlook

Get valuable feedback from your employee audience using simple surveys, likes and other social interactions inside your Outlook email distributions.

Add video to send video messages that actually play in Outlook

The Add Video feature adds embedded, playable video right in Outlook. Automatically add a play button to an image and create video thumbnails. Turn any mp4 video into a video email message!

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Create professional mobile-responsive templates with PoliteMail

Broadcast to the right audience at the right time

Send to any of your existing distribution groups without having to import. Or, import your own lists from Excel, your HR or payroll systems, or any directory application that can export a CSV file.

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Send to any of your distribution lists, from any of your verified internal email addresses

Privacy Compliance

The most accurate, privacy-compliant email measurement on the market

PoliteMail offers several measurement modes to keep personal information anonymous, while enabling intelligent follow-up. Completely compliant with current GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Automated distribution list management

Manage your mailing lists without having to rely on IT or HR updates with our real-time AD/Entra ID distribution list access. Create lists by Management Hierarchies and use PoliteMail’s self-service targeting and segmentation tools to deliver relevant targeted communications and increase employee engagement.

Personalize your messages

With PoliteMail you can address each individual recipient by name and assign custom fields within the body text to further personalize each message.

Send at the employee's time zone, not yours

PoliteMail’s powerful time-zone sending features help you reach the employee inbox right when you want to, no matter where in the world they are. Unlike Outlook’s schedule email feature, PoliteMail can schedule emails for delivery in each employee’s time zone, and during their working hours.

Measure and Analyze Results

Gain the comms analytics Viva doesn’t provide and improve your communications strategy with data.


Measure email reach, email readership, and email engagement using PoliteMail’s advanced reporting options.  Drill down on a single message, or view campaign and sender level reporting for groups of messages.


Compare results to your own company average, or to any of the ten S&P industry sector benchmarks, based on PoliteMail’s benchmark reporting analyzing over 4 billion emails sent. Use our multi-compare reporting feature to compare the results of multiple campaigns to see trends, issues, and effectiveness.


PoliteMail gives you the data to improve results and understand how email drives business outcomes. Get your reporting data into an Office document or email for printing, sharing, or analysis with leadership or other decision-makers in your organization.

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AI Analytics

While PoliteMail doesn’t share data with any third parties, including AI tools, your enterprise organization may have several AI projects in the works which require good data for training and high-quality analytics to process for insightsPoliteMail has you covered with our API key and ODATA connection to pull your data and feed your AI projects, and PowerBI or Tableau dashboards. 

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Insightful metrics to help you better understand your audience

Check out the full feature list.

Looking for more? We likely have it, check out all the PoliteMail features here.

Supported by our highly rated Customer Success Team

Onboarding includes full service M365/Exchange integration, software configuration, admin training, user training and self-paced online training academy.  Your organization will be supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager and highly experienced Technical Support engineers. Our acclaimed Success and Support Teams maintain an average 70.0 NPS score and have been mentioned numerous time for our service on G2.

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See how PoliteMail’s Customer Success Team prepares internal communicators for effective email engagement

PoliteMail is compatible with your Microsoft infrastructure.

PoliteMail Compatible Microsoft Products

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