Elevate Your Internal Communications with PoliteMail version 5.0

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PoliteMail 5.0 Webinar

About this Webinar.

In 2021, over 1.5 billion internal communication emails were sent to 8.5 million employees, which is a 72% increase from 2020.

That’s a LOT of email, and hybrid workforce data reveals email continues to be an essential tool for communication teams.

So, the question is: Are your communications emails working?

  • Are you just broadcasting email, or are you actually reaching employees and gaining their attention?
  • What is your employee readership and engagements, particularly in comparison to other communicators in your company or even your industry?

Join hosts Michael DesRochers and Melissa Katski-Berry as they discuss key new functionality in PoliteMail version 5.0, the email intelligence analytics platform providing modern metrics for a modern workforce.

Learn how the new PoliteMail integrates with Office 365 and provides an online interface, for creating, sending, and measuring communications campaigns.

Discover how PoliteMail’s new O365 Measurement functionality overcomes the common inaccuracies resulting from Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protections, accurately calculating iOS and Mac email opens and interactions.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why measuring employee reach, readership and engagement are vital metrics
  • How PoliteMail overcomes Apple’s Mail Privacy Protections to measure accurately
  • PoliteMail’s Office 365 integration

Key new features in PoliteMail to help you reach communication goals:

  • Video playback in Outlook
  • Benchmark metrics comparisons
  • AI suggested subject lines for higher attention rates
  • Modern metrics dashboards.

Hosted By

Michael DesRochers
Founder & CEO
PoliteMail Software

Melissa Katski-Berry
Sales Lead
PoliteMail Software