Microsoft to Launch Clutter to Office 365 Users

Clutter, a new feature from Microsoft, is set to become a default feature to all users of Office 365. The new feature will help clear out mailboxes, according to a Microsoft Blog post. Clutter uses machine learning to sort what’s important and what’s not. Often too much time is spent sorting through your inbox determining what’s important and what’s clutter. That’s where the Clutter tool steps in.

Clutter was introduced at the end of 2014 as a way for email user to manage their accounts and move less urgent emails away from their increasingly overrun mailboxes. The service transfers more than one million emails each day, and can save users on average, 82 minutes per month!

As of June this tool with automatically be switched on by default for Office 365 accounts. There will also be some other upgrade, including new administrative controls and improvements to how Clutter and the user interact with one another.

Users will be able to turn Clutter off as well as report any issues they may be experiencing. This will expand personalization controls that were introduced recently, allowing administrators to create a reply-to address for Clutter notifications.

The user experience will be improved by replacing any existing inbox notifications with alerts to be delivered when a new type of email gets moved to Clutter; users should  not receive more than one alert per day. Once a week, users will receive a summary notification describing any actions Clutter has performed.

What a great tool for those who have difficulty managing their inbox. This new tool will help communicators save time and be more effective in the workplace.

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