Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2024

Data analysis from over 4 billion emails sent to 15 million global employees. 

Download the most comprehensive internal email benchmark guide for communicators.  Gain valuable insights into your email performance by comparing your results against your industry peers. Analyzing data from 4 billion internal emails sent to 15 million employees, this report offers a deep understanding of the internal email landscape and strategies for achieving optimal results. PoliteMail’s data set includes 10 industry sectors and 7 distribution list sizes so you can accurately benchmark your own reach, readership, and engagement.   

Download the free report for answers to these questions: 

  • How much, or little, do employees actually read? 
  • What is a good corporate internal email open rate? 
  • How has email length, volume, and content changed over the past year?
  • How can I grade my current communications?
Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2024

“Using PoliteMail, we have data that supports what we do, illustrates our impact and guides us in making decisions to expand our reach.”


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