How to Improve Employee Health at Work

Employee wellness should be the top priority for all employers. The health and happiness of employees can affect the productivity and success of a company. However, many offices neglect or overlook the importance of a healthy workplace environment. Making a few simple changes around the office can have a big impact on the health, productivity and positivity of employees.

Limit Digital Exposure

Today, most careers require employees to use their computers as their main resource because it’s efficient, collaborative and convenient; unfortunately, they are also harmful to employee health. The blue light wavelengths that are emitted from digital screens can cause digital eye strain, retina damage and macular degeneration. Blue light can also cause less severe but equally unhealthy effects such as headaches, sleep disruption, irritability and fatigue, which can all affect employees’ productivity, motivation and focus. In order to help employees avoid such side effects, you can inform them of blue light danger through newsletters, encourage them to take frequent breaks from their screens, suggest they use blue light blocking glasses and turn on night mode.

Ergonomic Desk Setup

Studies show that 81% of employees spend between four and nine hours a day at their desks, which equals about 67 days per year. Based on this statistic, it can be determined that employee desk setup and function are extremely important. To prevent employees from adopting bad habits such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyles and risky health conditions, you should make them aware of the effects of poor office ergonomics. You can supply them with ergonomic office furniture such as supportive chairsadjustable desks and monitor stands. This will give employees the ability to practice good posture and adjust positions with ease, which can increase blood flow and heart rate, leading to better productivity and focus.

Fitness Initiatives

After working 8+ hours and having other obligations, it can be difficult for employees to make exercise a top priority. That being said, exercise is beneficial to weight loss, reduced health risk, mental health and sleep patterns – all of which create a happy, healthy employee. Having a sense of community can encourage employees to get moving! In order to motivate employees to do so, start a wellness initiative within the office. This can be anything from walks or yoga on lunch and sponsoring athletic club memberships to starting a company soccer league. Employees will feel motivated to exercise and create a better sense of community within the office.

Motivating employees to be involved and to better themselves is an important aspect of any successful organization. It’s common to fall into some unhealthy habits over the years because work is often considered the top priority. It might be time to rearrange the priorities within your office to better your employees and your organization. In 2020, make it a priority to foster happy and healthy employees – your results will thank you for it!

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