Guide to Smarter Internal Communications

There has been much talk recently about smarter internal communication; but what is it exactly, and how can you implement it within your organization? A recent Melcrum article offered some thoughts.

Effective Internal Communication

Communicating with employees is essential for businesses to run smoothly, allowing staff to easily connect and communicate with one another. Whether it’s between tram members, managers and employees, or even from leader-to-leader, being able to share important information or collaborative ideas is a key element of modern business.

So, what does smarter communication entail?

As explained by Melcrum, “smart” internal communications not only allows for communication to take place; it also boosts engagement levels and motivates employees to achieve the best results they can. I it important to introduce an employee communications strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy so that staff can help steer the company in the right direction.

Smart internal communications should encourage staff to embody the core culture and values of your company. A study by Wright Management shows that companies who achieve this, on average, have 70% higher productivity and profitability rates and staff who are 70% more likely to understand the consumer’s needs.

As well as improving engagement, smart internal communication uses a variety of channels and messages to inform and inspire employees across the company, and gives leaders and managers the tools to do their jobs more effectively. Managers should regularly measure the platform’s effectiveness so that they can recognize areas that may need more attention or investment.

In today’s digital and mobile world, employees and business are more connected and informed than ever before. And as a result modern internal communications should reflect this. Those who manage and operate them will need to adopt a wide variety of skills and have a dedication to professional growth.

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