Five Emerging Employee Engagement Trends

Employee engagement continues to be a hot topic with levels remaining low there’s been much talk surrounding the topic. A recent article on the Triple Pundit website looked at key trends that appear to be emerging in regard to employee engagement. There include the following:

1. Centralization of Information

Employee engagement can be complex- with messages coming from HR, learning and development, sales and marketing and more your employees can’t be expected to respond to messages from each of these departments. Having one centralized place to access information will be crucial in improving engagement.

2. Face-to-face Meetings

As technology advances  it’s possible face-to-face meetings will be valued even more. Even today emails and intranets can only do so much in terms of employee engagement. As well as boosting engagement, meeting in person can also help generate ideas, build staff/management relationships and even decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

3. Bring in the Professionals

Many businesses have been implementing their own employee engagement initiatives with little or no experience in the matter, but don’t be tempted. It’s typically much more effective and impactful to outsource the task to a professional organization.\

4. Integration and Individualization

Technological developments and the use of social networks will see employee engagement programs become even more integrated with employee’ lives, and company apps will allow for 24/7 access to work-related data. However, employee engagement programs should be encouraged rather than enforced, and offer individuals more choice and freedom in how they communicate.

5. Trust

It’s important for companies to be completely transparent with their employees about what’s going on and any changes that are taking place. This approach will help employees to trust those at the top, which will in turn encourage them to be more honest and create an open workplace dialogue.

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