Employee Engagement: Four Steps

Here’s Four Key Steps

1. Create a Sense of Team

When we know people are counting on us, we typically don’t let them down. To create a strong sense of team, communicate to employees how their role impacts others.

2. Cultivate a Sense of Purpose

Highly engaged employees feel like their work contributes to a larger objective, so communicate that to staff at all levels. It’s often beneficial to seek input from employees on how roles impact objectives. Simply considering all input can boost engagement.

3. Set Reasonable Expectations

Engaged employees know what is expected of them, and how they are measured. Good employee training, best practices documentation, and simply talking about it in meetings will enable staff to understand what to do, how to do it, and encourage them to care.

4. Generate Opportunities

Employees often want to see progression in their career, so good employers strive to better futures for their businesses by building future paths for employees.

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