Coronavirus Update

Obviously, the need for high volume, accurately targeted, and accurately measured communications is critical right now.

We’re here to help.

  • Unlimited internal sending volumes for March & April 2020
    We are actively monitoring servers and have seen the spike in communications volume. Effective today, existing customers are entitled to unlimited user and send volume licensing for the next two months.  Send as much as you need, from as many senders as you need.  We are actively monitoring and expanding server capacity to support this volume.
  • Community outreach (external email) support services
    Particularly in our health care segment, we are seeing the desire to expand outreach beyond employees to the community at large.  We have a team ready to enable these alternate email routing services within 2 days.
  • List accuracy implementations
    It’s times like these that highlight the need to synchronize HR & AD data for accurate employee distribution lists and to have a self-service interface for communicators to target specific regions, divisions, management hierarchies and buildings.  These are never fast projects and our team is currently booked solid, but there are shortcuts we can use to help improve things while getting you in the queue if this has become a requirement.

Please contact your account executive for assistance with any of the above.

Stay calm and carry on!  We’re with you.

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