Communication: The Secret to Employee Engagement

New research has been confirmed, the best way to make employees fell good about working for a company is to keep them regularly informed, as Business News Daily reports.

According to a recent Harris Poll study, communicating effectively with employees means that they have a better view of the company’s reputation and are more likely to feel that the business is heading in a positive direction.

The study also found that more that 75% of staff who felt that their organization was effectively communicating with them also reported that their employers had a good reputation and that the best was yet to come.

Employers looking to boost employees’ perception of the company should include critical details in their communications such as company goals, business performance, and how staff contributes to company success. Providing an overall picture od the business allows employees to see and understand their involvement in the bigger picture.

When employers communicated how employees influence company success, more than 70% of respondents had a positive view of the organizations. Commenting on these findings, Carol Gstalder- senior vice president of reputation management and public relations practice for Harris Poll- said “the reputational impact of the effective internal communications is clear.”

With employee engagement playing such a large role in company reputation, Gstalder notes it’s up to managers to increase communication, as they are typically the first people employees look to for knowledge and guidance.

Manager need to take note of their responsibilities in this area; the Harris Poll study found that just one third “strongly agree” that they are a primary communicator to staff, and less than 50% feel train in sharing company news with employees. When managers recognize their role in employee communication the impact it makes on employee engagement is significant.

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