Automating Onboarding

If you want to make a good first impression, thoughtful onboarding is essential. To set new employees up for success, they need access to information, assistance understanding policies and procedures and help completing their paperwork. Onboarding is the perfect case for email automation. When a new employee joins your organization, they need learn their new role and acclimate to your company culture—the last thing they want to do is get lost or bogged down with information or miss important deadlines.

When you onboard a new employee, there are a series of routine things that have to happen: completing forms like I-9s and W-4s, submitting direct deposit information, signing off on policies and completing mandatory trainings. Traditionally, this process is performed manually, as HR moves through a checklist. Since these activities are generally routine, based on role, you can improve efficiency and productivity with automation.

When you pair PoliteMail with Microsoft Flow, you can achieve email automation with behavioral follow-up. Microsoft Flow is a tool that enables the creation of automated workflows, connecting all the various Microsoft Office tools and documents, including files, forms, SharePoint pages, video and email—pretty much everything you need for the onboarding process. PoliteMail takes this one step further by measuring employee email interactions, letting you add intelligence to your workflows based on certain behavior (or lack thereof). Here are some things you can do when you pair PoliteMail with Microsoft Flow:

  1. Route completed documents or forms for approval.
  2. Send reminder messages if interactions do not occur by a deadline.
  3. Automatically notify different people as forms or documents are approved, or when documents are read or trainings are completed.
  4. Follow a different document or information path based on responses to a form or question.
  5. Send information in steps, where completion of one triggers the next.
  6. Send help or FAQs when employees start but do not complete, a particular form or page.

By taking the time to design automated workflows incorporating PoliteMail, you can eliminate the manual work of follow-up, improve communications efficiency and productivity, and ensure more successful onboarding experiences. Nothing (and no one) will fall through the cracks.

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