Adopting New Technology: Get Your Employees On Board

Regardless of the industry or size, organizations today are experiencing a digital transformation. With the addition of new technology these organizations are able to better serve their customers and increase revenue. However, the digital transformation isn’t always as smooth as one would think. Often we hear of organizations who have spent a pretty penny on various tools only to find out that their employees aren’t using the tool. Although implementing new technologies is something many organizations say they are focusing on for future success, many employees are finding the process to be too complex and slow. How can this be fixed?

Employee Adoption of Technology Matters

When considering implementing a new technology, consider this: employees perform and deliver value, and the use of technology helps them do it better. It’s crucial to consider if the tool is going to make the end user’s job easier. If the tool is difficult or confusing to use, they are not going to use it. Keep your employees involved in tech initiatives and get their opinions on what will or will not work; keeping them involved in this process will save you time and money.

Often employees turn to non-approved apps and tools that they are more comfortable and familiar with, knowing it will be easier than the company provided tools. As a result they may be unintentionally putting your organization’s privacy and security at risk. Work with your IT team to create a brief explanation of how the tool works and explain how using other tools may present risks to the organization.

Choosing the Right Technology

No matter what technology you are looking to implement, keep in mind the interests of those who will use it daily. Consider functionality and ease of use from the end user’s perspective. Tools that take a great deal of time to learn are almost always rejected by employees. Have the users complete multiple trials, get their feedback, and then determine if the technology fits their needs. This will help users across all levels of your organization make the most out of your software.

Show Off the New Technology

What better way to get people excited about using a new tool than to show them what it is capable of! Prove that the technology works, and how simple it can be. Show it off to a small team who can work with others to show them how the tool works, and help promote the tool among co-workers. Engaging employee along the tech adoption process is one of the best ways to ensure that the tool will be used at all levels of the organization.

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