5 Need To Know Corporate Communication Trends

Today’s new technologies allow us to focus on what’s important to employees. From basic ease of tools to mobile platforms technology is helping us transform corporate communications. A recent article from AVNetwork highlights five underlying trends that could shape and inform communications strategies during these disruptive times.

  1. Employees as Consumers
    A primary focus of many businesses is the overall improvement of customer experience, as much focus is put on this needs to also be directed at updating employee engagement. Thanks to the continuous improvements in mobile technologies such as 4G, smartphones and social media, most of us are accustomed to having information and entertainment at our fingertips. Just like many of our other work related tools, internal communications needs to live up to these expectations.
  2. Cross-Company Communication
    While many are still sending company wide emails, it is important to focus on changing up your communication strategy to see what works best for your employees. Communication networks should put less focus on top-down or bottom-up messaging, but instead focus on horizontal or peer-to-peer messaging. Every employee should feel like their voice is heard and valued- leading to higher engagement levels and, as a result, more loyalty.
  3. Reward Attention
    You only have a small window of time to capture the attention of your readers, so make it count. By providing them with meaningful and engaging content, your message gets across more effectively then ever. Reward readers for their attention whether it be something useful or entertaining- don’t mislead them with subject lines.
  4. Authenticity is Everything
    While the image of company executives and CEOs is often managed to give staff confidence in their leaders and direction of the company it’s important that this isn’t overdone. If this is over-done your message is going to seem over-polished and fabricated.
  5. Tell a Story
    One of the best ways to genuinely engage readers is to tell a compelling story. Be creative and involve the people and places that played a role in the project, or ask employees to share their news and experiences in their own words.

Read the full story from AVNetwork here.

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