4 Steps to Boosting Employee Engagement

One of the biggest challenges and concerns of business leaders today is engaging and retaining employees. A recent article on the Huffington Post site offered hoe to steps to ensure that staff feel more motivated at work, and feel like they want to stick around.

  1. Profit-sharing
    Employees can feel disheartened and frustrated when they see the fruits of their labor- for example, company profits- only benefitting those at the top. Profit-sharing program can provide employees with direct rewards for their hard work, and encourage them to drive the company forward. Alternatively, offer incentives in the form of even tickets, staff dinners and days off.
  2. Added Benefits
    Benefits can boost morale and productivity; while some may look good on paper, they could be a waste of money. Improving working conditions- even simple changed such as office chairs- and wellness programs will make staff feel fit and healthy for work, making them more productive in the long run. However, it is important to assess which benefits are valued most in order to make the most of available benefits.
  3. Move the Office Around
    Physical environment plays a major role in our ability to do our job well. Restrictive offices and cubicles could make some feel trapped, while others may feel more focused. It is important to have employees weight in on the physical working environment in order to boost overall productivity.
  4. Maintain an Open Door
    Engagement levels improve when staff feel they can give and receive feedback to their bosses whenever they need to. Having an open-door policy means employees can find solutions to their problems, making them more likely to stick around.

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