The 2023 State of Internal Communications Survey Report

Key insights into effective communication strategies.

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Are you using the right tools for today’s hybrid work environment? Have you incorporated AI into your strategies? How are you measuring employee engagement over internal channels? In today’s fast-paced world, it’s increasingly difficult for organizations to stay on top of what digital channels and platforms are best at keeping employees informed and engaged.

In this On-Demand Webinar, we’ll reveal the survey results from the annual 2023 State of Internal Communications survey. You’ll receive analysis and insights into the key findings – and what those results mean for internal communicators like you who are seeking to guide your future internal messaging strategy. Discover how workplaces are evolving – and how you can engage employees wherever they are.

This interactive session and survey report will share:

  •  The most effective communication channels for employee engagement.
  •  Key internal communications goals and challenges for reaching employees.
  •  Strategies for reducing information overload.
  •  The outlook for internal communications, including new technologies and platforms.

Bonus Takeaway:

  •  The State of Corporate Communications Survey 2023 Report

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