Email isn’t going away.
Let’s get smarter about it.

  • Do you send too much corporate email?
  • What’s a good corporate email open rate?
  • How much, or little, do employees actually read?
  • What are the most valuable email KPIs?
  • Does measuring results lead to improvements?
2021 Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks


Email intelligence from over
1.3 Billion
Internal email to over
8.5 Million
Employees globally

Data showing 1.3 billion emails sent to 8.5 million employees


What’s measured gets managed. Metrics matter!

Your primary corporate communications channel is worth managing and improving. Corporate communicators using PoliteMail for at least two years improved all key metrics including attention rates, readership, clicks, and engagement.


Attention Rate Increase


Read Rate Increase


Click Rate Increase

PoliteMail Paige

PoliteMail’s 2021 Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks Report helps internal comms teams create a data-driven email strategy.

The report provides average results across industry sectors, to help communications teams understand how email is utilized within the enterprise. With data, communicators can increase employee readership and engagement with messages their workforce actually wants to read and respond to.

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight

PoliteMail is compatible with your Microsoft infrastructure.

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